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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Danny Trejo: Zombie Hunter !!!!

Matt Boiselle
    In my honest opinion ( which doesn't really mean much), the only reason why zombie outbreaks never seem to get handled correctly is directly due to the people that are brought in to stop them. While a finely assembled team that is armed to the teeth very well may get the job done, could it be that MAYBE only one man has the gonads to properly dispense with the undead so that humanity has a snowball's chance to survive ?

    Let us scratch one name off of the list right now......Chuck Norris is not readily available (not sure why), so we march a man that can single-handedly SNEER a zombie back into the bowels of Hell....a real Bad Ass ( and I mean that literally)....none other than Danny Trejo !!! No lie, one of the greatest tough guy actors to ever grace the big & little screens, will star in ZOMBIE HUNTER, a full-length independent motion picture from THE KLIMAX, a small group of  filmmakers that take serious pride in their work. Now, while 99% of the movie has been completed, there still remains some work to be done ( visual f/x, sound editing & assorted fees) - and that's where KICKSTARTER comes in. The best part is, when you contribute some dough to the movie, based on how much you donate, you get back in killer goodies !

    ZOMBIE HUNTER is based in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has been caused by a mysterious street gang called "Natas".......that's Satan backwards for all of you slow studies. A Camaro-driving loner that kills undead cannibals simply for entertainment stumbles on a small pack of survivors and decides to assist. Trejo himself plays Father Jesus, a zombie-slaying servant of the big man upstairs who offers no hesitation when it comes to kicking serious walker rear-end.

    The KICKSTARTER project is (as of article posting time) @ $19,760, and needs to get to $30,000 by March 1st for completion to be attained, so why not kick in and get some sweet rewards as a bonus to not only getting to check out this awesome movie once it is released ? Click on the pic above to check out the new trailer for the movie, and then click down below on the KICKSTARTER link to find out more about all of the swag you can rake in for a donation - DO IT NOW !!!

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