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Friday, February 22, 2013

Collector Night at New York Toy Fair 2013

Charles Nowlin

Sunday, February 10 was the highly anticipated Collectors Night at New York Toy Fair 2013. Many of Mattel's (and it's online exclusive distributor Matty Collector's) future offerings were on display for the media.

The big reveal was a full, color, nearly finalized Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull prototype. It features three stories of fun and plenty of nostalgia for those who owned the original. There are also several new additions to this iconic playset including two secret entrances, the ability to interact with He-Man and Scareglow, a removable handle for easy carrying, jetpack and Windraider stand.

As for new action figures, loose and packaged versions were lime-lighted which include Mantenna, The Fighting Foe Men 3-pack, NA He-Man, Fang Man, Strobo (traveling exclusive), Clamp Champ, Karatti, Snake Face, Octavia, King He-Man and Castaspella.

Matty Collector is also adding a new 6 figure Filmation series to the MOTU Classics brand currently available on their site. The first three offerings, 1 per month beginning in July, are Batros, Icer and Shokoti.

Also on display were tiered stands to help display your loose collection and protective cases for those carded collectors.

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