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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warm Bodies: Watch the first 4 minutes NOW !

Matt Boiselle
       Think Endless Love meets Night of the Living Dead - take a budding teen romance, and throw in hordes of flesh-craving denizens of the dead, and PRESTO !.... you have the latest romantic-comedy to hit the big screen in the upcoming movie Warm Bodies.

     This sure to be cult-hit stars Nicholas Hoult as the zombie-in-love named R, and his human crush Julie(played by actress Teresa Palmer) - the movie, which was created from the novel written by author Isaac Marion, puts the two smitten adolescents in an almost-"forbidden love" scenario - the more that zombie R falls in love with Julie, the less he holds onto the zombie tendencies, but as time passes, the urges of the undead begin to take over more and more intensely, and R starts to become a "bonie", a savage flesh-hungry beast that will devour anything in its path.

    Will true love prevail ?, or is it no match for the primal rage which lays dormant in the black soul of a reanimated killer ? - Warm Bodies hits theaters February 1st, but you can feast your dead eyes on the 1st 4 minutes of footage just by clicking on the video link above and judge for yourself if this movie deserves your hard-earned dollars - watch and enjoy !!

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