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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

UK ZombieLab

by Dorothy Emry
How better to spend a cold winter’s night than to explore the workings of the zombie brain?

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get to London’s Science Museum on the night of January 30th, you’ll be able to do just that at ZombieLab.

Prove that you’re not a zombie, rally for zombie rights, or perfect your zombie gait. There will be prizes for the best costume, so it’s also an opportunity to get let your inner zombie out for an evening on the town. The museum promises that you will “walk the line between human and zombie in surprising and theatrical ways” as you explore the zombie psyche and learn more about consciousness. Trigger, an arts organization that specializes in creative happenings, is partnering with the museum to produce the event.

ZombieLab kicks off on Wednesday night at 6:45pm as one of the free “Lates” events the museum holds for adults and runs through the weekend; no one under the age of 15 will be allowed to enter without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Read about all the games and activities on the ZombieLab page and follow the news on Twitter under #ZombieLab

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