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Monday, January 7, 2013

REVIEW: Silhouettes from Popular Culture by Olly Moss


I received this book a little while back so that we here at ZOMBIES&Toys could review it. After plowing through it once, identifying all of the pop culture references I knew on my own, I recruited “the man” to partake in the fun and fill me in on the ones which I had no clue about. I have to say that the third time through the book I was astounded by the intricate details in the artwork. I was amazed at how just a silhouette could bring back so many memories of my favorite things from my childhood and pseudo-adulthood.

I began to read about the artist, Olly Moss, and I found out that these silhouettes were cut out using LASERS! Yes, that is correct. As if a really amazing cut out of the Bride of Frankenstein could get any better! Then you learn it was cut by a laser… needless to say, Mind. Blown.
I had the extreme desire to say things like, “why can’t I have freaking sharks with freaking lasers on their heads?”

Alas, I digress, this book is great! Full of amazingly detailed “shadows” of all of your favorite characters from television shows (he did the entire cast of Saved by the Bell!) and movies—like StarWars and Beetlejuice—to videogames—including Super Mario and Final Fantasy.

I can NOT say enough about how amazing this book is and how at least one of the items will end up as permanent art on me at some point in the near future. So, get this book, like NOW. It is well worth a look and a chuckle while you say, “OMG that is so-and-so” then, after you look through, you can recruit and see who else high enough on the up and up in pop culture to know which Bond is which by the silhouette alone!
You can snag it over at Titan Books, or head to their store over on, or just about anywhere they sell really cool books. So, since you are obviously already on the internet, go and… you know… get this book!

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