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Thursday, January 17, 2013

REVIEW: The Great Showdowns by Scott C.

Andy Ross

The Great Showdowns is a charming little coffee table book that features watercolor paintings of “showdowns” from films with an introduction by Neil Patrick Harris.  New, classic, and everything in between, Scott C. takes us on a journey through conflict in cinema. Scott’s definition of a showdown is not the same as what I was thinking going into the book.  To me a showdown is an epic battle between opposing forces that is grand in scale.  I found Scott’s interpretations to be a refreshing spin on the notion of what a showdown can be.  Big or small, hostile or hilarious, showdowns come in all forms.

As a thirtysomething fan of movies, I was able to recognize quite a few of the showdowns.  Die Hard, Shaun of The Dead, Gremlins, and Amelie were among my favorites.  I also like how everything was shown in a cheerful mood no matter the circumstances.  I’m pretty certain I wouldn't be smiling while I boarded up a window to fend off zombies, but it added to the charm of the artwork.  One minor gripe is the absence of a table of contents or an index of all the movies depicted in the book.  I have no clue what movie has a bunch of guys and a gas station, but I certainly would like to know.

I enjoy both watercolor artwork and movies, so to me this is the perfect book to have out on my coffee table to share with guests.  If you are even a small fan of movies, pop culture or awesome artwork, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for your own table. It can even be used for impromptu movie trivia to add some fun to your gatherings!

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