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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year = New Walking Dead Details

Dave Brown

It is a new year and with it with find ourselves inching ever closer to one of the big zombie games of this year, Activision's The Walking Dead video game.  Last time we talked about it, it was revealed that Darryl and Merle would be faithfully recreated in the game. Since this news, there has been little on the news front concerning the game as Activision has been deathly quiet.  That was the case until last week when a leaked video surfaced showing the gameplay.

The footage shows the player as Daryl Dixon taking out zombies in an undisclosed small town. According to sources at Activision, the game is supposed to take place before the TV series and before Daryl and Merle meet up with Rick and the rest of the survivors.
While this video doesn't show a lot, it does give us a lot of hope that this is going to be the next great zombie video game we are all looking for. Stay tuned to Zombies & Toys as we will be delivering the latest news on this game as it comes to us.

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