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Saturday, December 1, 2012

'Zombie Apocalypse' to air on The Discovery Channel

Matt Boiselle

   If you are one of the countless souls gathered amongst the masses that when mid-December rolls around,
you have been beaten severely around the head and shoulders area with the never-ending glut of holiday-themed programming coming out of your High-Definition happy boxes.

  Tired of The Grinch ? Sick of Charlie Brown wrecking that damned pathetic looking Christmas tree ? Ready to punch Ralphie from A Christmas Story square in his giblets ? Then rejoice my fellow zombie aficionados, because The Discovery Channel has become the latest to jump on the back of the rampaging phenomenon of the living dead and it's impending holocaust.

    'Zombie Apocalypse', airing Tuesday, December 18th will focus on the stories and disaster-preparation scenarios of 4 different people who, in varying ways are readying themselves for what they feel WILL be the end of all things. The main thing to remember here is that with the title plainly expressed, the show itself seems to insinuate that there can be an apocalypse without the dead rising from the graves, and while that certainly seems just wouldn't be as fun if there weren't any zombies shambling around....anyone agree ? Oh well, tune into The Discovery Channel on Tuesday, December 18th - airtime is unlisted as of yet, but it's sure to be in the prime-time hours so check it out !

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