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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zombies Invade The Netherlands !!

Matt Boiselle

Who says the zombie craze has to be contained to the good old USA ?? In an extremely interesting project put together by a high school teacher and his students in The Netherlands, ZOMBIELENNIA takes us, the viewers, on a trip back to the classroom where a simple day that consists of a presentation in Biology class quickly descends into adolescent zombie Armageddon.

   Feel free to click on the pic to be shown a more than generous 10 minute plus running time trailer, where you will surely get your fill of living dead lunacy. The film will be released shortly and you can get additional information regarding this project at or you can like their page on FaceBook at - either way you slice it, this looks to be a refreshing new addition to the cinematic deluge of zombie films that continue to attack us like a herd of hungry walkers - ENJOY !!!


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