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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ghastly Crud Zombies: The Final Days!

Todd Jepperson

The Ghastlycrud Zombies - when you mix a little bit of Edward Gorey with some extra chunky George Romero, you end up with a children's alphabet book that you probably shouldn't read to children.

Martin Whitmore has created a beautifully (if disturbingly) illustrated alphabet book featuring everyone's favorite undead monstrosities. The Kickstarter is over two-thirds of the way funded, and there are 5 days left for you to join in on the campaign. The rewards for contributing include signed copies of the book with doodles drawn inside by the artist, original Ghastlycrud artwork, custom illustrations, and even decommissioned grenades, painted by the artist with cartoon zombie faces! If that isn't tempting, then maybe you're in the wrong place... And as an added bonus, if the campaign hits $5000, everyone at the $44 level and above will get a decapitated Ghastlycrud zombie head magnet. ...for sticking those target practice bullseyes to the refrigerator.

So, get on over to the Kickstarter campaign, and join us in getting this project backed so we can bring this book to horrible, horrible un-life!

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