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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Walking Dead: Series 3 figures - First Look !

Matt Boiselle

     As the popularity of AMC's the Walking Dead continues to soar to the stratosphere, the names on the waiting list continue to grow for the 2nd series of figures in McFarlane's toy line. Now, the 2nd series hasn't even been released yet, but that didn't stop these latest images from hitting the web, and creating a WHOLE NEW list of pre-orders to be filled.

    With the upcoming New York City Comic-Con (Oct 11-14th) looking to feed heavily into the premiere of Season 3, these figures will be on display for fans to drool at. There is a possibility that these designs may change before their official release date of March 2013, but that won't stop the hardcore fans from clamoring to get their mitts on them. The line follows as this : above - Merle Dixon - everyone's favorite one-handed psycho hillbilly, complete w/ assault rifle, pistol, knife and prosthetic arm w/ removable bayonet.

 The Walking Dead's newest heroine - Michonne - fitted w/ her signature katana and sheath & a removable poncho.

      Michonne's pet zombies #1 & #2 - these little beauties both come fitted with chain dog collars, backpacks (#1 has a shotgun in his bag), and their once-attached upper limbs & bottom jaws (sickening, but definitely cool !)

   Rounding out the 3rd series we have the zombie that had a very crude (and impromptu) autopsy performed on him by Daryl Dixon, in a fruitless search for long-lost barn stowaway Sophia. In one of the neatest features on any figure in a long time, this guy has a removable shirt with an open stomach cavity where you can see if he has either digested a woodchuck or a human hand !

    So hopefully the Series 2 figures will be unleashed very soon to tide the fans over, but all this will do will be the equivalent of dangling fresh flesh in the faces of a bunch of hungry walkers - pre-orders are available from different stores, so bust out those little plastic credit cards of yours, and prepare to wait......but I'm feeling that this wait will be well worth it !!


  1. Cool toys! I love the arms included with the chained up zombies.

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