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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ray Villafane does it again !

Matt Boiselle

       A short time ago we here at Zombies & Toys brought you a story about master pumpkin carver Ray Villafane and his insane work that he had finished on 2 of the world's largest pumpkins. Well no offense to his prior work but his latest design has blown the doors off of his previous gourd slaughtering !

    With work commencing a week ago at Grand Central Station and now on display at New York's Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, this 6 ft tall zombie, complete with his insides on the outside, will be up for all gawkers to gaze on until October 31st. Formerly a massive 1,872 lb pumpkin, the transformation by Villafane and his team of master sculptors simply must be seen to be believed, and the amount of detail from the lead zombie, to the pumpkin vines towing more denizens of the dead from their earthly confines to the surface, can't be complimented enough by words alone - so check out the pics and prepare to be amazed.

     Feel free to click the top pic for a direct link to the story, or hit this one for a killer video of the carving -

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