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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Return Man Review

Andy Ross

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In the near future, the United States has been divided by a plague. The Western half of the country has been abandoned and left for the walking dead. However, not everyone left the “evacuated states.” This is the story of Dr. Henry Marco, the titular “Return Man.” Marco remained in the zombie infested wasteland to find a loved one he lost during the evacuation. Through contact with the safe states, he accepts contracts from people to hunt down their loved ones and provide closure by “returning” them to the afterlife they had stolen from them by the plague. Marco’s real journey begins when Homeland Security tasks him with returning a high-profile target in California, where the plague began. Marco and his assigned military “team” must avoid roadblocks, zombies and even militia soldiers as they travel across the undead West.

The Return Man is Zito’s first novel, but you would never know that by the way he writes. The pacing of the story leaves no room for slow moments. The characters are easy to relate to and evoke the appropriate emotional response from the reader (sympathy, contempt, etc.), but they also evolve as the story progresses. Once the action gets rolling the story is a non-stop thrill ride. There is plenty of tension on the journey filled with zombies, crazy militia men, blocked routes and even other guns for hire. I think the story would definitely lend itself to the big screen with lots of action, personal conflict and of course zombies.

The last quarter of the book really takes off and I had to finish it before going to bed because I would be wondering what was going to happen next instead of sleeping. If you do decide to pick up this book you will not be disappointed at all. I would highly recommend V.M. Zito’s The Return Man!

Pick it up today from Amazon or your favorite local retailer. If they don't have it, put in a request!

Ed. Note:
     V.M. Zito has been gracious enough to provide us with one copy of The Return Man to give away to a lucky reader. Entering is as easy as ever; just mail your name and address to Tell your friends, because we'll pick a winner sometime around Halloween!

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