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Monday, September 10, 2012

House of the Dead Store : Opening Soon !!

Matt Boiselle

     There are times like this where I PRAY that I lived closer to Pittsburgh !! You see, when the biggest addition to your town is the newest CVS.....when there are 3 others within walking distance of the one that's being built....either your town isn't up to date with the latest crazes, or they want to jump on the Obamacare medical prescription love-train.

   Regardless of how you slice it, the zombie craze is undeniably off the charts right now. Everywhere you look, the masses are clad in shirts, hats, sneakers - ANYTHING you can possibly adorn yourself with, play with, or even decorate your home or car with ! So if you are one of the lucky ones that reside in the Pittsburgh, PA area ( even if you don't - MAKE THE TRIP), this Saturday, a new store will open that promises to wake the dead (bad pun DEFINITELY intended).

     4110 Butler Street is the address and newest home of The House of the Dead, a zombie superstore that will sell numerous zombie-themed shirts, artwork from local creative minds, and even a funny "zombie cornhole" game - many other products and goodies will be infiltrating the store in the coming weeks, but the emphasis will solely be on the surrounding area's product. I love the idea of a store like this, not only because it is supporting the creative collaborative efforts of some very talented artists, but gives shoppers of zombie-related items a chance to shop somewhere other than the big chain websites which seem to be dominating the markets everywhere you turn.

    Feel free to visit to check out their site, or if you are one of the lucky ones, head on over this Saturday and grab yourself some killer goodies - and let's ALL support shops like this !

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