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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Asylum Press Digital Download News

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

Of course you remember the last time I told you folks about Asylum Press.

You don't? How about a refresher.You can see some of their work we told you about here by fellow Zed-Head, Todd, then there was the preview I gave you of  Zombie Terrors Digital .

Good News abounds as Asylum Press is at it yet again! I have an exclusive preview for you of their latest digital download EEEK! #1.

Here are some screenshots of what you can expect.

Available for all major comic book readers (iPad, iPhone, and ANDROID),EEEK! #1 is also good to go on Comixology for anyone using the Graphicly web app, and last but not least, soon to come onDrivethrucomics

There, folks, is your exclusive sneak peek of EEEK! #1.

Go Now! DOWNLOAD IT!!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! No, but seriously, you will not regret such an amazing read.

As always my "fiends"

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