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Saturday, August 18, 2012

ZOMBIE TERRORS #1. The Digital Download

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

Do not say "The Cleaver" doesn't do anything for you folks, this has to be...what the 3rd exclusive, behind the scenes, way before general release, I have given you?. This time it is for another one of my passions. COMICS!!! But not just your trade paperbacks or graphic novel. 

I'm talking Digital Download. Yes that is right a digital download, you can start taking full advantage of the amazing art products of Asylum Press

This time they bring you ZOMBIE TERRORS #1 digital. 

That's right! Remember when we reviewed this pure awesome graphic novel anthology in paperback? Well, this all-new digital release will be a re-release of the same great zombie lovin' action in issues 1-5, but from issue 6 on will be brand new content! 

Available for all major comic book readers (iPad, iPhone, and ANDROID), Zombie Terrors Digital is also good to go on Comixology,, for anyone using the Graphicly web app, and last but not least, soon to come on Drivethrucomics. There, folks, is your exclusive sneak peek of ZOMBIE TERRORS #1.


As always my "fiends"

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