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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zombie Bath Salts

David Brown

Many of us remember the story of the Florida Cannibal from a few months ago. In the time since then, a lot of companies have been churning out generic products with a zombie label on them in order to cash in on the phenomenon. Bath From the Dead is not one of those companies and "Zombie Bath Salts" are not just another product. Before I begin talking about the product, let me be honest about one thing, these will not turn you into a zombie or make you hunger for the flesh of the living.

The Zombie Bath Salts are tinted a greenish color to help to further the zombie image. Zombie image is one thing, now we need to see how these do when it comes to the actual bath. The bath salts come in a 4oz package and the direction state that you must put about half of the package into your average bath.  When I see the word zombie on a package, especially something like these bath salts, I will admit that I become a little worried of niche fragrances. The good news is that these bath salts have a nice floral aroma that will help relax you.

With a green tint like that when you open the bag, you also worry that you will have tinted green water. Another relief when you realize that the bath salts dissolve for the most part into a nice clear color. My only complaint with these bath salts is that they left me feeling a little gritty after I bathed in them. This may have just been a problem with my water, but nonetheless it may be something that needs to be looked at.

These Zombie Bath Salts do not have a lot to do with zombies other than the picture on the label.  They certainly won't turn you into a zombie but they will make you feel relaxed like the living dead. If you have had a long day of eating brains or working at the office, then you will really enjoy a bath with your Zombie Bath Salts. They may not suit everyone but if you would like yours you can shamble over to to get your own package.

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