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Friday, August 10, 2012

Wizard World Chicago: This Saturday !

Matt Boiselle
    Livin in the Chicago, Illinois area (or close by ?) Looking for some killer weekend entertainment ? Wanna grab some awesome Zombies & Toys swag ?? If the answer to all 3 of the previous questions are "YES YES YES !!", than head on over to Wizard World Comic Con going on all this weekend !

   This 4 day convention showcasing the finest in comics, TV, movies and ALL things entertainment is going on right NOW, but if ya want the goodies, ya gotta meet up with THE MAN. Zombies & Toys own supreme being Jason will be in attendance this SATURDAY. ( Just look for the guy in the black Z&T shirt & gray backpack)....approach him, strike up a conversation with him, pledge your undying devotion to him & his website ( hey, WE gotta get plugs in too !), and if you snap a pic of yourself with he & his bride and post it to Twitter, you will become the proud new owner of some prime Z&T goodies !

   You can also download the Comic-Cons exclusive app  - head on over to
and check it out for yourself. Remember, Saturday, August 11th is the date to meet our zombie king, and your opportunity as a zombie minion to come away with some excellent swag, but who says you only have to come for one day ??? Get yourselves off of your duffs and head to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con all this weekend - click on the pic to the link for the Con's website for more info.

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