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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Up and Coming Artist, and a "fiend" of The Cleaver

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

That is right folks. If you were wondering, "Hey Cleaver! Where did you get that awesome Zombie Caricature?" Or, if you're now wondering, "What caricature?"
                                   This one right here...
So, you may now be asking yourself where you might get one of your own made, or you may be curious about what else the "Artist Fiend" of mine has been up to. How about I introduce you to my "fiend" Jenn Shieh. I recently sat down with her and we talked about who she is, what she could do, and how she came to be the artist she is today.

Jenn Shieh is 34 years old and has been in the art field for over 10 years. Being an only child, raised by a single mother, she aspired to graduate from Art School to honor and recognize what her mother has done for her. Along with teaching her how to do her ABC's and 123's, her grandfather was the first to show her how to draw. What really pushed her into her desire to be an artist, though, was her mother taking her to see every Disney Animated Movie that came out.

When I asked Jenn to tell me something about her work and what she feels makes her...well, her, She had this to say:

Jenn Shieh: "I'm a huge movie buff and I love pop culture. I'm also very into the 70's and 80's eras and I absolutely love anything Hawaiian! Much of my work revolves around Hawaiian styles but I've also been working on some art pieces based on 80's movies. Much of my work has a lot of my childhood memorabilia in it. I've explored numerous techniques and styles, and I just keep expanding my knowledge with every piece."

Aliens a great 80's Sci/Fi Horror.

How About some cut out cars for a "Grease" style party.

For you rockers out there, a Custom Fender Guitar paint job.

Cleaver: About my caricature Jenn. Have you ever done "Zombie drawing" before I reached out to you?.

Jenn: "Personally I've never done zombie drawings before Toms caricature. I]ve just recently explored Pinup art. I just took what I know about my friends and made them into these characters."

Here you can see her Pin-up art work.

Cleaver: Would you consider joining the two together, a  Zombie Pinup of some sort?

Jenn: No, I've never combined the two... But I'm willing to give it a whirl!

Cleaver: Jenn, what inspires you in art and expanding your art styles?

Jenn: I've always been a huge admirer of Walt Disney. I've always dreamed of working at the Disney Animation Studio. I'm also really inspired by the beaches and flowers of Hawaii. Although I've never been there, I just enjoy the feeling I get when I see pictures of Hawaii.

Cleaver: What techniques or mediums do you find support your best work or are your favorite to work with?

Jenn: I am very open in trying new techniques. I do wood cut-outs, I sew, I paint. I want to try different techniques to do a wide range of art pieces. I feel my best technique may be my ink drawings. Micron pens are my favorite, and I just enjoy the look of black and white drawings.

Papercraft overlaid onto a black matte and etched glass.

Fabric work along with foam and paper party favors.

Obviously, "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Cleaver: Jenn anything you want to our readers to know about you, your work, or what a potential client should expect?

Jenn: I want to draw for the rest of my life. I want people to see my creativity and love my work.
I love a challenge. Many clients come to me with an idea in their heads, and I make sure it comes to life!

Cleaver: How can people contact you and go and check out more of your work?

Jenn: Email is the best way to contact me.,  I do work at a fast pace but with the work load I get, I want every client to receive all my attention on their piece, so it could take up to a few weeks. It also depends on the size of the piece and what the client wants. They can also visit my Facebook page Aloha Jenn Art. They can also contact through that page.

So, there you have it folks. Before you is the opportunity to support an aspiring artist and a special friend of The Cleaver.  If you want a Zombie Portrait, caricature, a pinup of yourself as a Zombie... anything at all, contact my friend over at Aloha Jenn Art.

As Always my "fiends",

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