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Friday, August 17, 2012


Todd Jepperson

For those of you who attended SDCC this year, you may have already heard that 2012 is the twenty year anniversary of Roman Dirge’s Lenore: the Cute Little Dead Girl. For those of you who haven’t, today is that day.

Lenore is the dark and hilarious comic book series from the twisted mind of Roman Dirge. Taking the name from the popular poem by Edgar Allen Poe, Dirge created a one of a kind universe called Nevermore where Lenore and her “friends” “play.” The comic is a series of original stories, re-vamped children’s songs and nursery rhymes, and deep pop-culture subversions only possible in the ghoulish world of Lenore: the Cute Little Dead Girl.

(click for bigger zombies)

If you haven’t had the unique privilege of experiencing Lenore, you’re definitely missing out. The misguided antics of this adorable little monster typically end up in the death and/or dismemberment of any of the cast who is unlucky enough to share a panel with her. It’s not like she tries to hurt them (except Gosh; but that dude is just creepy), she’s only ten years old. She just gets mixed up in all the same kinds of trouble your average ten year old would get into—if they were risen from the dead, accompanied by the Eternal Vampire Scourge in a rag-doll body, and hunted by scores of bounty hunters from “the stinky bowels of heck.” We’ve all been there, right?

This month, Dirge and Titan Books will continue the celebration with the release of the fourth hardback in their series of graphic novel collections of Lenore comics entitled: Swirlies. This all-new 120 page collection features the apparently very rare number thirteen comic as well as issues one through three of the new Volume II comics, including instant classics like “the Birfday Party” where Lenore stumbles upon a party invite and when she arrives, all of the birthday guests somehow end up dead. Also included: the tragedy that is the “Valentine’s Day Nard” and old favorites like the socially awkward, semi-autobiographical “Things Involving Me comics about Dirge’s Life.

Pre-order your copy of Swirlies today from Amazon; or any of your favorite retailers, and then sit back and let Roman Dirge’s madness work on you. You absolutely cannot be disappointed. 

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