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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lightfield Ammunition : Zombie Blaster Ammo

Matt Boiselle

     Self-preservation in the upcoming zombie apocalypse is paramount, and in order to successfully survive ( and thrive) in the midst of the impending outbreaks, the right kind of ammo is needed.

    Lightfield Ammunition Corporation, one of the largest big-game hunting munitions suppliers, has jumped into the fray and provided zombie-slayers with a new type of slug that will pack a HUGE punch and clear your path through a single, or multiple zombie attack. The non-projectile mega blank round, called The Zombie Blaster, is designed to offer a large flashbang with enough concussion power to knock ANY number of the dead on their keesters in close-combat.

    The round has become so popular that the local law-enforcement officers have tested out the rounds and found that they are also extremely effective in door-breaching and shattering the crap out of automobile windows. Of course with ANY ammunition comes the warning that this is to be used for defense purposes only - PLEASE don't use this around anyone or anything living as it can cause severe damage or death ( keep the killing limited to the zombies, please !) Click on the picture to be taken to Lightfield's website, where these beauties can be ordered in 12 & 20 gauge, or 410 - sold in blister packs of 5, this is your best bet for when the stuff hits the fan, and ya gotta clear out a crowded space in a short amount of time. Happy Hunting !!

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