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Friday, August 24, 2012

Funko Makes The Walking Dead...........Adorable ?

Matt Boiselle
     Let it be known that at times AMC's The Walking Dead can portray images that can be viewed as violent, disturbing, and in some certain situations, even stomach-churning....but hey, we as zombie fans look forward to that kind of stuff ! Now FUNKO has decided that it's time to make our favorite apocalyptic survivors and their pursuers a little should I say it ?......cuddle-friendly ?

    Coming September 27th, prepare to crack open your wallets and snag all 4 of FUNKO's The Walking Dead Pop ! Television Series 1 vinyl figures. Adding to the merchandising assault which will coincide with the Season 3 premiere of the wildly popular cable TV series, each figure in this series stands 3.75" high with 1 point of articulation, and can either be displayed alone or in their own little window box.

   The series of four consists of Sheriff Rick Grimes, complete with his iconic hat and Colt Python,
the baddest hunter/trapper/ mad hillbilly on the planet - Daryl Dixon (rocking his killer crossbow),
The RV Zombie that met an untimely demise thanks to a well-placed screwdriver in the eye socket from Andrea, and rounding out the list is one of the MOST popular zombies to be seen in the show's short history, Bicycle Girl.

   The figures can either be ordered as a set of 4, or you can pick up each one separately for $9.99 apiece at numerous online retailers. Click on the pic of Sheriff Grimes to be taken to FUNKO's site where you can see more images of each figure, but if you order, order them all together.....come on...these little guys are too cute to be all by their lonesome !

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