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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fan art Friday

Todd Jepperson

Seriously, we have the best fans in the whole wide web. Check out the amazing dead guy pumpkin sculpt sent in by our friend Jennifer from over on Concocted Curiodities.

When asked how something so horribly perfect came to be, this was her response:

"Well it's easy really! Randy had told me of the first time he met J and he totally dug the SWAG and the zombie stuff, and was totally stoked that he met him at Zombies & Toys first SCC! And myself being a ZOMBIE Lover, I dig the cute creepy cartoon logo! Plus the colors are like my signature FAVORITES! SO it was a NO BRAINER! ( Ha get it no brainer... lol sorry couldn't help it )
Yeah I loved your page from the minute I saw it and I love the idea I have been making Zombie Bears and Creepy Creations for a while and since you guys said ZOMBIE PUMPKINS I thought " HECK why not do an Ode' to Z&T for the idea!"

Thanks, Jennifer!  You. Freaking. Rock!

Check her out on Etsy and Facebook and tell her that Zombies&Toys sent ya!

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