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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Entertainment Weekly - The Walking Dead covers: which will you choose ?

Matt Boiselle

I guess being the highest rated cable series to grace the tube certainly has its privileges, and when it comes time to market (and reap the rewards of that marketing), AMC's The Walking Dead is most assuredly entitled to all benefits that may follow.

    The popular magazine Entertainment Weekly is the latest to honor the record-breaking phenomenon of a show by giving readers 4 killer covers to pick from this week. You can choose the obviously pained expression of the group's leader, Sheriff Rick Grimes, the latest heroine bad-ass Michonne (coming complete with her two chained "pets") - every one's favorite "politician", The Governor ( with a VERY hungry zombie in his knife's reflection), and the two brothers that will most likely not be exchanging Christmas cards with each other, Daryl & Merle Dixon.

   It's not known which cover subscribers will receive, but if you are a newsstand shopper, grab em all while you can, and read up for a preview of the upcoming Season 3, which premieres on the AMC channel on October 14th - HAPPY READING !!

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