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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Deadlight Review

Philip Hynes

I’ve downloaded some Xbox Arcade games before and to be honest after an hour or so I wished I’d kept my Microsoft points for Call of Duty map packs and the like, however Deadlight has broken the mould and is in my opinion one of the best games I’ve played in a while. Deadlight has been developed by Tequila Works and is available to download on the XBOX360 arcade section. 

Set in 1986, America has been ravaged by a mysterious disease, turning people into ravenous Zombies. The hero Randall Wayne must navigate the blighted landscape in search of his wife and daughter, avoiding Zombies and cunning traps in his quest.

What strikes you first is the detail and sheer beauty of the game, despite the post-apocalyptic setting the scenery is jaw dropping in places and you’ll find yourself pausing to admire the backdrop. The animation is very fluid and natural and the gameplay chapters are broken with animated sequences in a comic book style, which I really enjoyed, and which also helped to develop the characters and storyline. Speaking of which the developers have really thought through the story and although the game can be completed in a weekend, the whole experience and intriguing plot will keep you aching to get through to the next level. I found myself promising “only ten more minutes…I’ll just see what’s around the corner” until the wee small hours. The ending has a great twist too, which I didn’t see coming and it didn’t disappoint.

The game itself is side scrolling with obstacles, puzzles and zombies barring the way. The controls are fairly simple and I also found the game kept a good momentum with a good variety of puzzles and encounters. The atmosphere is always slightly threatening and moody, reminding me very much of the movie “The Road”, but with zombies. The undead aren’t too fast but can shuffle along at an intimidating pace and the limited ammunition or complete lack of weaponry will keep the player looking for other means of escaping the clutches of the undead.

Towards the end, the difficulty ramps up a little, but I never became frustrated only encouraged to try again and complete the chapter.

Overall, Deadlight is my best Xbox Arcade experience to date and sits comfortably between a full game and the other arcade titles. I wholeheartedly recommend this game and it will easily keep you entertained and intrigued for a weekend.

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