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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Død snø...A Nazi Zombie Extravaganza...

Dead Snow, a movie that must have been made by zombies!!!

Somewhere in Norway, eight medical students go to a cabin in the mountains for the weekend...

A freaky living dude tells a creepy story of terror & hate....

Greed & alcohol make the living act badly....

The smartest & most agile zombies i have ever seen feast...

Funny at times & worth watching
There are some seriously disturbing scenes in this film...


HangingTree Review

Dead Snow or Død snø as they called it originally is a intriguing zombie movie including all our favorite ingredients in a zombie movie.
A good plot with disturbing twists, Lots of gore, Hot girls, and Nazis.

The plot line followed a group of med students on Easter break going into a cabin in the woods for a quick vacation with very "R Rated" plans.
Once reaching their cabin they are confronted by a scary old man who tells them a captivating story about the surrounding areas history.

Being hooligan college students as they are, they blatantly ignore his warning.
The movie itself is filled with great battle scenes and good plot with many twists that in a disturbed way make sense.
One of the main differences in this movie from other zombie films is the zombies.

The Nazis are extremely skilled and have the ability to fight and wield weapons as if they were living.
The makeup is not too shabby and the way the zombies feast is certainly "Blood-filled and satisfying".

All in all a good film and definitely worth watching.
The death scenes in this movie were incredible!

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  2. Dead Snow is in my instant queue, looking forward to seeing it.


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