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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All My friends are Zombies Contest.


You have to ask yourself. "Is there more to the walking dead? Are their thoughts only limited to eaten the flesh of the living? Or is there more than meets the eye."  That is what All My Friends are Zombies is about.

As a work dedicated to the fans of Zombies, the artist themselves even allows the fans, followers and supports a chance to decide the cover art, and be the art themselves.

The contest to WIN A FREE DEMO COPY of the book even before it hits the masses.This one and only Demo Copy will be 32 pages of amazing art and stories. The demo book will also include a personalized hand written "Thank You" note inside the cover to show how much They care about each and every one of their fans.

Entering the contest is easier than putting one in the head of a "walker." How do you enter for a chance to win? Its actually as simple as "Tagging AMFaZ" on facebook.

Here are the details and steps you need to follow:

Share the contest with your friends on Facebook and leave a tag for All My Friends are Zombies on your page. To do this all you have to do is write "@" and start to type "All My Friends are Zombies". If you're a fan of the page the page should appear before you finish writing it out.
The contest will end on Sunday August 19th. 
The winner will be announced first using the AMFaZ Mailing list followed shortly by a post on Facebook.

So do yourself a favor. "Like" All My Friends are Zombies on facebook, "Share" This post here,
and Tag them like this "@All My Friends are Zombies". Its just that simple.

Cause when you think about it...ALL OF OUR FRIENDS ARE ZOMBIES.

Until next time my "fiends"
Stay away from your windows.

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