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Thursday, July 12, 2012

World War Z: new ending rewrite in the works ?

Matt Boiselle

 As if this film couldn't face any more disorganization, controversy, or all out general confusion as to what the heck is going on, we as fans of Max Brooks' World War Z may finally have a nugget of hope that we can cling to. Drew Goddard, the mastermind behind the new horror sensation The Cabin in the Woods, has been given the seemingly unwanted task of writing the ending to the big-screen adaptation of the hugely popular novel.

   Previously, Marc Forster (Quantum Of Solace) was the man in charge of the job at hand, and according to industry insiders, he was running the entire production into a massive hole. Now take a great book that has provided plenty of buzz, and mix in a massive budget, copious amounts of productive infighting, and a script that is a shaky as Nick Nolte's footing on solid ground......and well...we've got quite the mess don't we ?

    Added to all of this utter perplexity, insiders claim that there is a limited amount of time for Goddard to get cracking on this project, and Christopher McQuarrie ( Tom Cruise's screenwriter) could be the NEXT man in line to take over the workload in a top-to-bottom format. So what is the ending result in all of this mess ?? No one really seems to know - the only thing that manages to remain a constant is that the movies that fans are truly clamoring to see are the ones with the most strife.....but we manage to get a new "Twilight" every year (shudders). As usual, stick with us here at Zombies & Toys and we will try to see if over time any more news will make sense of this never ending debacle of a project.

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