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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Zombie Generation : Book Review

Matt Boiselle
   Let me start off this review by making one thing stone-dead obvious...I am NOT an author, nor do I think that I possess the patience or internal creativity to sit down and pump out 200-300 pages of fresh material for a new novel every year or so ( that's why I write small articles) - now that's out of the way, let me segue into a review of a book that indeed does provide a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse.

  The book I'm writing about is The Zombie Generation by author Drake Vaughn, and it very well could be one of the most intriguing zombie tales that you will pry open your dead eyes for. Our lone character is named Warner, and he has become infected with a zombie virus that takes a VERY long time to deteriorate his condition, and we as the readers, are right there along with him to witness him suffering, both mentally and physically. The premise is without a doubt different, and can be slow in some places, but the tension builds to a certainly unexpected climax that will leave you looking for more print on the books last remaining empty space.

  Warners' undead descent is not without delusion, rage, or agony, and Vaughn conveys every single emotion into tangible form. The action scenes are bloody and intensively descriptive, and the quiet moments are just that...meant to lull you into a placid state, and have you come to grips with how slow acting mental retrogression can..well...make you lose your mind !
   In the end this was an enjoyable 229 page read wrought with twists, turns, and plenty of suspense - an absolute must-read if you want to break out of the mundane zombie fare that seems to be plaguing bookshelves these days. Click on the pic to be carted off to Amazon where the book can be purchased either via print or E-Reader format - Happy Reading !!

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