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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The most effective zombie proof cars for the apocalypse

Matt Boiselle
 This article is somewhat of a MUST-READ. I completely believe that in order for anyone to survive a zombie-populated future (even for any sustained period of time), you must have a dependable vehicle. Not any mode of transportation will do, for Pete's sake - you have got to have something that you can get behind the wheel of and feel confident in knowing that when the going gets tough, you have a vehicle with enough sack to mow down some raging undead bodies !

The following vehicles that will be shown in this article are certainly adequate enough to handle all of your zombie-smashing needs ( you didn't think you were gonna just hop in Mommy's Prius and save the day, did ya ?)
If you have the means to attain one of these automobiles, you already have a HUGE leg up on many other GASOLINE on the other hand.....that may not be as easily attainable !

 Now don't get me wrong - weapons, rations, first-aid, shelter & a decent game plan will get you far in the unfortunate event of a zombie outbreak, but if you are planning to cover any stretch of ground, the proper form of transportation is extremely necessary. To check out the remainder of this bad-ass group of apocalyptic zombie-killing sleds, head on over to   --  but always remember " hands on the wheel at 10 & 2 !!!"      


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  1. Those trucks look smashin’! They can certainly overrun hordes of zombies! But yes, the challenge is refilling the tank with gasoline. I think that’s where solar-powered vehicles should come in. If they develop trucks like these three here that run on solar energy, or even wind power, it’ll be the ultimate vehicle for the zombie apocalypse!


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