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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Send More Muppets: Fright-Rags Exclusive

Matt Boiselle
The creative masterminds at the horror t-shirt company Fright Rags have done it again. In conjunction with the 27th anniversary of the zombie horror-comedy classic, The Return of the Living Dead, a limited-edition series of t-shirts & hoodies have been emblazoned with a design that is sure to send chills (and some laughs) down your spine.

 While numerous ROTLD shirts have been spit out with drab graphics over the years by many other t-shirt makers, only Fright Rags could provide a design that can capture the essence of the movie that surely launched MANY fans into intently viewing other undead projects on the big (and little) screen for years after. Oh yeah, and did we mention.....the cast of the movie has been replaced by The Muppets ?? That's right ! - Those goofy little multi-colored showmen that infected movie and TV screens for many of us during our youth, have taken over key roles on this shirt ( and does it EVER look cool !)

    The focal point of the shirt centered across a graveyard is The Tarman himself, flanked by both Bert & Ernie playing from the movie.....well, Bert & Ernie. Other main characters like Suicide, Trash & Freddy are also depicted in full color and let me tell you, this little beauty will be sure to sell out quickly ! Pre-orders are being accepted on right now for both mens and womens sizes s-5xl - and hoodies are also available, but be warned - this pre-order is only going to be offered until this Sunday, July 8th at 11:59 pm SO HURRY UP !!!!

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