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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Major Victory: Thanks to the Undead !!

Matt Boiselle
    There are times in life when one MUST stand up for what they believe in, and I am all for freedom of speech, but when that freedom is abused to the point of being offensive and hateful, the action needs to be halted immediately....but who would think that the ones to halt such actions are the ones that are already dead ?

    Everybody's favorite (sarcasm) psychotic redneck outspoken group of uneducated "free-thinkers" - The Westboro Baptist Church, had planned to protest outside of Joint Base-Lewis McChord, a military base South of Seattle, and 27 year old zombie fanatic Melissa Neace had decided that enough was indeed enough. She singlehandedly spearheaded a Facebook-page -inspired protest blocking group called "Zombie'ing Westboro Baptist Church AWAY From Fort Lewis !".....and believe me when I tell you....when zombies speak, the word gets around ! Close to 300 undead counter-protesters showed up en-force to completely swarm a small and useless group of 8 Westboro voices....needless to say, the picketers were silenced quite quickly.

   I say we gather up all 300 or so names of these "zombies" and give them not only a HUGE pat on the back and owe them a large debt of gratitude, but when the apocalypse finally does envelop us all, we should return the favor and redirect them to visit our "friends" at Westboro Baptist Church".


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