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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1st Annual World Zombie Shoot

Matt Boiselle
 This October, zombie apocalypse survivalist wanna-be's will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to hone their skills in a 2 day event that will without a doubt test both endurance and shooting techniques in the ultimate "range shoot" at CMMG's Fire For Effect Range.

  Fayette, Missouri is the location, and the weekend of October 13-14 will be the dates where YOU, the zombie fanatics can enroll to take part in the 1st Annual World Zombie Shoot. This range course promises to appease both novice and experienced shooters in a variety of scenarios that will not only include firearms, but baseball bats, swords, and knives. There will be 2 different shoots in total ( the individual shoot will take place on Saturday the 13th and part of Sunday the 14th - and the team competition will start after the completion of the individual shoot on the 14th) - 10 total stages in all that will be sure to challenge and entertain ANY zombie fan. All registration info is available on the website, which can be accessed by clicking on the pic above, so if you happen to be in Mizzou in mid-October, and are looking for some zombie-blasting fun, give this event a look !

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