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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zombies On A Plane: Book Review

Matt Boiselle

  If the thought of flying ANYWHERE on a plane makes you want to reach for the nearest barf bag, could you deal with a potential zombie outbreak as you soar over the friendly skies ? Attention all passengers: please make sure all electronic devices are turned off, and that your seatbacks are in their upright and locked position........and if you happen to be bitten...put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye !
  The latest novelette from Brooks Peck, writer of Zombie Apocalypse ( SyFy Channel's highest rated movie of 2011) takes you inside the belly of a steel bird about to fly away from O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois on a flight that surely does not represent what the everyday frequent-flyer would deem as NORMAL. Armed guards patrolling the tarmac in humvees, bio-containment areas cordoned off in the terminal....all the while travelers are bombarded with questions from airport employees such as " have you visited a quarantine camp in the last 48 hours ?" Yeah....not exactly standard fare questions that we have been accustomed to in past airport visits ( forgive me - I will never complain again about being asked if I've let my bags out of my sight !)

   The meat of the story is when the plane takes off, and what a story we are dragged into ! Brooks Peck does NOT waste any time prepping you, the reader for the slaughter that is about to take place. I always felt that if you can envision yourself in the story as you read, you can gain a much better feel for what you are reading, and this translates almost perfectly in this book. Claustrophobia will almost feel as if it is choking you when you read about stewardesses fending off attacks from behind beverage carts, or shaking from fear while holed up in a bathroom and a cargo storage area. Any and all items on the plane itself will be utilized as weapons against the zombie horde, but the story shifts into overdrive when the cockpit gets compromised and.........well, did you think I was gonna spill ALL the beans ?

    Overall, this is a great read for the zombie fanatic and the lover of terror-in-the skies stories. Peck does a fantastic job of setting the scenes and never letting the reader down when it comes to details. Blood and brain matter will almost feel as if it will spill off of the pages, and although it is a fairly quick-read ( around 53 pages), you get the feeling after you've finished it that there was JUST enough of what you wanted. The novelette is NOW available on & - AND as an extra bonus, Mr. Peck has been gracious enough to supply YOU the reader, with a 50 percent off code that you can use when you order the book from Smashwords ( just click on the link in the above picture, and when you are ready to order, enter RS89W to get the discount) - formats available are for Kindle, Nook, Sony E-Reader, and many others, so don't hesitate - check this book out - and if you need something to bash in a zombie's skull, please feel free to call for the closest stewardess.

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