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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zombie Wash: Firefly character joins the undead

by Dorothy Emry
Those you who are Browncoats (major fans of Joss Whedon’s short lived show Firefly, for those not in the know) will appreciate these two takes on a zombified Wash. The character Hoban “Wash” Washburne was played by Alan Tudyk, now seen on the series Suburgatory in a supporting role.

At least two members of have drawn an undead version of the beloved character and posted them in the Blue Sun Room, home of Firefly fanfic and art. Artist Jaysin Osterkamp posted the first “Zombie Wash” in the Blue Sun Room on March 14. The original is at  In the comments to the recent post, notice was given that zombie Wash has been done before by octocentesquiderfish, in 2007. That alternate vision is also on

Granted the toy dinosaurs in Jaysin Osterkamp’s drawing won’t make sense to those unfamiliar with the Firefly ‘verse, but both works of art are still fine takes on the undead.

*SPOILERS* Don’t read this last bit if you haven’t seen yet seen Firefly or the follow-up theatrical release film Serenity and want to be surprised. Wash was killed off movie Serenity, which certainly left the door wide-open for some interesting cross-over fanfic.

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