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Monday, June 11, 2012

Zombie Tarot

Natalie Leith

Hey it's Gnat and I have a really cool item to tell you about! I recently got the Zombie Tarot deck and its freaking sweet! Quirk books, author Stacy Graham and illustrator Paul Kepple (he also did The Housewives Tarot and it is so cute!) are not only zombie aficionados they are the braaaains behind this idea. Stacy is even a PROFESSIONAL TAROT READER! Seriously is there a better job?! They came up with and designed this amazing deck with amazing and classic 50's style zombie artwork! I have read tarot for years and can tell you that all 78 cards are there! The deck includes all major and minor arcana as well as a guide for all your undead tarot needs. 


The book includes interpretations of each card and some simple spreads to get you started. I also noticed there are ads in the back of the book guiding you to the proper services and tools in case the undead horde happens upon you as you are trying to figure out your next move. The book is probably one of my favorite features of this deck, it begins with the tale of how the zombies came to be (as if we didn't know already bath salts who would have thought?!) and how to predict the best move to survive in these trying times. 

This deck is an excellent collectors item as well as a handy tool in your arsenal.  I absolutely am in love with the artwork on the cards as it stems from a 1950's print style. The artwork makes me think of one of my favorite movies, Fido. Even the box they come in is cool! An undead genie image on the outside and when you remove the top half of the box the bottom half looks like ammo just ready to take out some Z's.  All the artwork and collectability aside my absolute favorite twist to this amazing deck is the adaptation of the suit pentacles, it is now HAZARDS! I appreciate the fun take on a classic piece. Even if you aren't a professional tarot reader you should get this deck if for no other reason than to display the amazing card interpretations of Stacy Graham and  Paul Kepple! You can find the deck from for the low low price of 16.95 (US). Seriously if YOU don't get this deck then THEY might end up getting YOU!

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