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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Blog by R.G. Bullet

Todd Jepperson

THE CALDECOTT CHRONICLES has been described as Downtown Abbey meets 28 Days Later and has been earning excellent reviews from bloggers, fans and prominent voices in the horror and zombie community alike.

Caldecott Estate, the ancestral home of the 32nd Earl of Rothshire, is besieged. The undead are traipsing and crawling across overgrown lawns, intent on ripping the very flesh from the Earl’s body.

Many of them will not make it that far, as the 32nd Earl has placed two very serious obstacles in their way: A prized Purdey shotgun and an accomplice named Saffy. Saffy is a young and simple girl from the local village. She is quick of foot at setting traps and dispatching the undead to the afterlife. She is endlessly coming up with cunning and disturbing methods to rid the estate of disease.

The bizarre and gruesome details are narrated in a journal by a very Aristocratic British gent. Get a firsthand look on how the Victorian upper class deal with stumbling trespassers, and see how one draws inspiration from a teenage girl born to kill, in R.G. Bullet’s THE CALDECOTT CHRONICLES (Silver House Books INC; e-book and paperback).

Today, we’re very fortunate to have the man himself, R.G. Bullet as a guest blogger during his Caldecott Chronicles Zombie Blog tour!

ZT: It's not just fast zombies vs. slow zombies anymore.  Today we have to deal with rage zombies (28 days later/28 weeks later), parasitic zombies (Resident Evil), radiation zombies (Night of the Living Dead), funny zombies (FIDO), and even zombies falling in love (Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament) as well as an entire heap of zombies not mentioned here. What is it about a zombie that makes them so versatile and adaptable?  Why are we finding them all throughout modern popular media?

R.G.  Bullet: I think there's a bit of Zombie in all of us--well in me at least. When I glimpse my reflection shuffling around a shopping mall slurping on a bucket of sprite and gawping into shop windows I suddenly 'get' it--we're everywhere! And I agree, Zombies are adaptable--just like cockroaches who can survive for weeks from the fat found in a thumb print, there is sneaking admiration for a Zombies' relentless energy. A few spoonfuls of grey-matter and half an arm to munch on and they can go forever!

It's all fun and games in books and films, but only this week in Miami, (where I live) Zombies are clawing their way to the surface. Don't Google: "Man eats face zombie Miami" The results are hideous.

On that note I would leave you with a word of caution as you seem to be overly fond of Zombies: Zombies seem huggable --DON'T DO IT!

Thank you for having me. I hope to return soon!

Anytime; we’d love to have you. Thanks for stopping by!

In anticipation of the release of the third excerpt of THE CALDECOTT CHRONICLES, Zombies and Toys readers can download each of the first two e-books on for just $.99!

Here’s just a taste of the buzz around R.G. Bullet and his work:

"The Caldecott Chronicles is gruesome, elegant, witty and a hell of a lot of fun. This is why zombie fiction continues to surprise even the most jaded reader!"- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of DEAD OF NIGHT and multiple Bram Stoker award winner.

"Bottom line, The Caldecott Chronicles are a special find."- Norman Applegate, author of BLOOD BAR and SHOCKWAVE.

R. G. Bullet was born in Berkshire, UK. After living in nine different countries he has finally settled in Miami Beach, USA. He is addicted to tea, reading, writing, motorbikes and shamefully, Call of Duty. His middle grade debut novel: The 58th Keeper and The Caldecott Chronicles have just been released.

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