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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before Dawn Exclusive

Philip Hynes

The next great UK horror film is here! Set for release later this year, Before Dawn could be exactly what the zombie genre could use in 2012. The film’s original concept came from two opposing opinions of what makes a good zombie movie and what frequently makes a bad one. What was missing and what needed adding. The Idea was to give a depth to the characters involved and tell a story which would captivate, build and intrigue, without forgetting its core purpose which was to entertain the gore hounds and fulfill the thrill seekers.

A weekend away. An idyllic cottage nestled within the rolling hills of the English Dales. What starts off as a gripping psychological drama between a struggling married couple, suddenly descends into a shocking gruesome nightmare.  As panic and confusion set in, Alex and Meg have to confront the fears within themselves and face a desperate fight for survival against a bloody terror that could literally tear them apart.

From the screen shots and trailers available to us at Zombies & Toys, Before Dawn is bursting with promises of intense horror and also outstanding visuals. We’re expecting a film which will reinvigorate the British zombie horror scene and it certainly appears to be on a par with the 28 Days Later movies. I’m also interested to see what made it through the argument, as to what makes the perfect zombie film and if it compares to my ideals. An isolated cottage, worryingly fast zombies and lashings of blood and gore are certainly on my list.

We’ll bring you more news on Before Dawn as it becomes available; in the meantime feast your eyes on the still and trailers here.

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