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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adrian's Undead Diary

Nick Teeters


Enter Adrian Ring.

You think you have had a tough Zombie Apocalypse? Talk to this guy, This story starts out, like any great story, with a nice punch to the face; jarring you awake and making you feel like have lost a few teeth in the process. Adrian has you along in the passenger seat through this journey as he helps everyone that he can out. His tactics are unmatched as he crosses  enemies that only the end of the world can breed. He is forced to find the humor in the little things, like zombies stuck in swings, stories from his past, and the throws of new and old loves alike.

This is a fast paced and addicting story with very believable characters and an even better story line. Anyone with a military background will enjoy this documentary of the world coming unraveled. Between the acronyms and the ability to put the reader down range with the weapons at Adrian's disposal, this is a must read. He shows you just how possible it is to feed a certain number of people, while being able to ration out supplies, and how smart it is to have someone on your team with a green thumb. Be warned though, this will  keep you making a mental check list anytime you go to Wall-mart. Supplies. Get some.

This story has many sides to it, and having it accessible on many different formats (like Kindle) makes it easy for everyone. There are side stories available too, noting a small membership fee. For you book collectors out there, he offers signed books for sale on his website as well as stickers and shirts.

We are going to be putting together a Facebook giveaway full of stickers, t-shirts, and possibly even more when Zombies & Toys reaches 6,000 "likes" or Adrian's Undead Diary gets 3,000 OR when the total combined "likes" jump up too 8229. So, follow the links and get in on the action.

Also stay tuned because we will have a short interview the author about his writing process and the direction he is going with his new project soon, right here on Zombies & Toys!

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