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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

80's Classics: With an Undead Twist

Matt Boiselle
 If you are an 80's child like I am, you can truly appreciate the magic and memories that many of the great movies of that decade were able to project forth while on the big screen. ( Some of them stunk, but hey who's counting ?) Now, thanks to the incredible and overwhelming rise to national attention that the zombie craze has been linked to, a large number of these films have been restructured.....or reanimated.

  The man responsible for these zombie-tweaked images is artist Matt Busch, whom back in 2009 designed 6 different posters for the Star Wars movies ( which were authorized by LucasFilm), and were entitled Zombie Wars. This insanely huge project led to Busch starting his own website ( and placing his work in an online gallery for all to see. Now, Busch is on his 5th series of the undead movie poster spoofs, and this latest group will surely stack a large number of box-office heavyweights.

  Amongst some of the posters available for viewing (and purchase) are The Breakfast Club ( The Breakfast Clump) - The Terminator ( The Termin Ate Her) & Ferris Bueller's Day Off ( Ferris Bueller's Day of the Dead). All of the artwork in these posters are stunning to say the least, but do not fret oh skeptical ones, these designs are not made to make light of the movies, but simply to show great appreciation for them, as Busch is a self-professed 80's child himself. As the heat of the summer drags on, Busch already has prints lined up for movies like The Lost Boys, Prince's Purple Rain, & National Lampoon's European Vacation. There has already been a licensing deal inked with Fright-Rags t-shirt Inc. to produce wearables based on the undead posters, and in the future there will be a coffee-table book, and a board game as well.

   So if you are looking for a little demented artwork to sling up on your walls, and would love nothing more than to replace your boring old family pictures with something truly frightening.....then this stuff is definitely right up your alley. Click on the pics to be taken to Matt's online gallery and order yourself some gruesome 80's movie posters that will put more of a chill in your bones than any repeat of Charles in Charge could ever do.

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