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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Zombie Dickheads. A different zombie comic.

Tom "Cleaver" Sievers

Comic creator Chris Moreno returns to horror with his new creator-owned comic book
"Zombie Dickheads Are NOT Coming to Get You."

"Zombie Dickheads" is a comedic look at the undead apocalypse from the zombies point-of-view. It follows four dysfunctional zombies, who don't eat human flesh, as they attempt to find a place of their own in a world where they don't fit in amongst other zombies, or humans, and only sometimes with even each other.

The main cast of characters, whom you follow as the story progresses, are not the "hero" types, much like the main protagonist in any other comic series you might read. "Zombie Dickheads" dynamic relies in its ragtag group (consisting of Lisa, Colton, Dennis & Josh) trying to co-exist through constant bickering, and escaping the many obstacles a zombie might face.

As the character designs Chris Moreno shows you. The Z-D's are the clashiest, most mismatched personalities you would want to force together.  Also one of the brightest moments in the book is when they are just together trying to figure out life as they know it. Such when Lisa keeps getting hit on and goes out looking for "Some Action".  Dennis' constant whining and need to look and be his best. But not to be outdone by Josh and Colton's headbutting over the most stupid petty things, and the "One up-manship" they display.

One of the better things about this book is the Antagonist, or Humans, the Z-D's face: from your basic Red-neck (which is pretty much what you think) to smarter folks who set elaborate traps for them.  One of the best running gags is the series of narrow escapes the Z-D's pull off where the Humans end up far worse for the wear and then exclaim, "ZOMBIE DICKHEADS!!"

(As Shown Here)

"Zombie Dickheads Are NOT Coming to Get You," is a 48-page zombie horror comedy comic book, story, art and letters by Chris Moreno, debuted in October, available for sale at Chris' convention appearances as well as on the book's website,; however, we have one copy up for grabs right here on Zombies and Toys.  Entering is easy, just email your name and address to  We'll choose a winner in the next couple of weeks.

Well folks on to the next batch of reading and toys,
Until next time Zombie Fiends…. Stay away from your windows.

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