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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Walking Dead obstacle course: could you survive ?

Matt Boiselle

  At this year's San Diego Comic-Con 2012, fans of The Walking Dead will have the unique chance to participate in one of the coolest and most innovative marketing ideas to come down the pipe in a very long time.

      It's called The Walking Dead Escape, and it will coincide with the release of Issue # 100 of the insanely popular comic-book series, and will give zombie lovers the chance to head through the course in 1 of 3 different scenarios  -  Scenario #1: Players can run through as a survivor attempting to escape through a zombie-infested evacuation area. - Scenario #2: Play as one of the "walkers" and attempt to attack other survivors. - Scenario #3 - If your not too proud of your running skills, you could be one of the survivors that has made it to the escape party and is watching the apocalypse from the sidelines.

   There is no actual "time limit" in the course, but all participants must remember that this is the apocalypse !! There isn't time to stand around and admire the scenery......zombies are chasing you for cryin out loud !!! Tickets are $ 70 per person and more info can be found on the website when you click on the link in the pic of Petco Park: the scene where this year at Comic-Con, you can opt to
either survive, or become one of the undead masses that make up The Walking Dead !!

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