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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stag Night of the Dead - The Movie

A British Bachelor party?
A new game for the living?
A secret military base?
A stripper?

All this still could not save the film.
A classic, low budget, B roll zombie flick.

We join a group of guys & a stripper who go to a private military base to play a game of zomball.
A game in which the living zap zombies with electrical guns & does not include any type of ball.
Maybe it is a ball to play?
Maybe an homage to the Production company?

After a series of ridiculous events and even more ridiculous plot twists which include forbidden zombie love, 
we come to the final 30 minutes.
The same last 30 minutes of every zombie movie on the planet that has survivors......

As a former entertainment industry professional,
i have to state that the over dubbed lines sometimes remind me of a bad kung fu movie & the post production can sometimes make you sick because of quick cut edits & choppy scene changes.

Having said that - i was impressed by the quality of the low budget SFX and the shear amount of variety in zombies

You should give this movie a try because it could be amusing to a hardcore zombie film enthusiast, but if you are a once in a while zombie flick watcher, you might want to pick something else..
Decide for yourself.

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