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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plague Town...The Top Teir Novel.

Tom "The Cleaver" Sievers

What is Plague Town by Dana Fredsti?

Who is this Ashley Parker? Why is it an Ashley Parker Novel?

Take the youth, sarcasm, pop-culture-infused humor, and nerdism of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and thrust all of that into a zombie apocalypse and you get a pretty good feel for this one. 

Well, Ashely is a bit of a perpetual college student at Big Red in Redwood Grove, working on a degree and spending time with her boyfriend. Did I forget to mention she is in her early 30's and seen as the "grandma" on campus? During the first chapters, a nasty flu has been going around campus, but beyond that it's been pretty normal... or has it?

The college town is placed under quarantine by the military after a virus causes a zombie outbreak to occur. After being attacked by a herd of zombies and surviving Ashley finds out that she is a “Wild Card”-the term used by the military for people who are immune to the effects of the virus. She is teamed up with a small group of other wild cards and they set out to destroy the zombies and prevent the virus from spreading. Will the team be successful or will they all end up as zombie chow?

 After reading just a handful of pages I was hooked. Dana Fredsti's writing style really appealed to me (she does a great job of combining humor with serious situations) and I had a great time with this book.

The main reason I liked this book so much was due to the fact that Fredsti has a talent for creating likable, realistic characters that the reader cares about. While story may not be the most original, she writes in a way that jumps stories or plots and brings everything full circle. Fredsti throws in some cool twists and surprises from time to time and there is what is supposed to be a big shock at the end related to the origin of the virus that I thought was predictable. I really enjoyed the pop culture references and the nods to games, movies, and films that are associated with zombies.

If you are looking for a great read that really holds your attention and is extremely hard to put down then this book is for you. Take my advice and pick up a copy soon, you won’t be disappointed.

This zombie lover can’t wait for its sequel, Plague Nation.
Until next time Zombie Fiends…. Stay away from your windows.

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