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Friday, May 18, 2012

Zombie Mario and Princess by Amanda Dockery

Philip Hynes

We know that even Superheroes are vulnerable to a Zombie virus but I never imagined for a moment that Nintendo’s Mario and Princess would fall to the Zombie curse! Well artist Amanda Dockery has given us a horrifying glimpse of how this much loved duo will appear after joining the ranks of the undead. By their expressions I’m guessing that Princess has infected her love Mario, who doesn’t appear to be overly keen on his current predicament, but that’s just my interpretation.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the pictures are brilliantly done and you can see how they were developed over at her site - The Art of Amanda Dockery, from concept sketch to the masterpieces shown here, as well as lots of other crazily good portraits of well-known stars in her own unique style.

The one thing that I find most striking about these pictures is how Zombification can make already cool and much admired people/products so much cooler.  Look at all the things that have had Zombies added to the equation and suddenly you’ve got yourself something very groovy indeed – T-Shirts, walks,  first person shooters, dolls, superheroes, wedding cakes, movies etc. Even dead people were never so popular until somebody thought of Zombies. I’m predicting that this fact won’t be lost on marketing gurus and we'll soon see yesterdays has been products re-launched with a Zombie twist…..anyone for a Zombie Rubik’s Cube? Damn right!

Zombies – makes stuff cool again.

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  1. Artwork is immense! A zombie rubiks cube sounds like a lot of cool fun to be had. ;p


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