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Thursday, May 24, 2012

ROOM: Horror short stories by Joe Knetter

Matt Boiselle

    Vile, fetid, squalid, unapologetic......these are just a few things I look for when I want to delve into a good horror-themed book. Don't candy coat anything for me - I don't need a 200 page lead-in about one or two characters before the story picks up. Just waffle me in the face with the most heinous and abhorrent situations one can be placed in.....and let the good times roll !!

    I have become quite familiar with Horror Author Joe Knetter's work simply due to the fact that he is one of the few remaining writers left in the industry that will literally punch you in the face with written words, and wait for you to spit teeth and ask "may I have another ?" Mr. Knetter has penned some great books in the past such as Vile Beauty, Zombie Bukkake, and Twisted Loneliness, and on July 2nd, will unleash his newest creation of 8 horror short stories in one book titled: ROOM. I was honored to receive a preview copy of this and I honestly have to say I freaking loved it !! As soon as you are finished with one of Knetter's stories and cant wait for your pulse to slow up just a little bit, he throws you face-first into the fire of his next ungodly work.

    He opens the book with the first story: HELLHOLE - about a couple of scumbag bar-workers whose clientele definitely don't reside past the pearly gates (if you dig what I mean.) The 2nd short is called: ROOM 17 - Centering around a group of friends that want to do a little ghost-hunting in a reportedly haunted hotel. We then venture into story 3: FRIEND - About a law-office worker that comes across a case involving a woman that is accused of murdering her husband. Story 4 is titled: STIFF - You will read a final letter from a madman that described his visit to his local E.R to receive treatment for a vicious migraine. Story 5 is called: REDEMPTION -  the heartbreaking tale of a mother's loss of her child and the hope that some measure of revenge will be exacted upon the individual responsible for that loss. Story 6, titled: LUCKY NIGHT: focuses on a lonely gas-station attendant, the two men who come to rob him, and 3 curvy hostages (believe me, this one will mess you up !!) Story 7 is called PERISH WOODS: A good old-fashioned happy couple in the woods going camping, and being stalked by a legendary serial killer.

     Is your heart racing yet ? (If not, better check for a pulse) Then get ready for what I feel is the BEST story in the entire book, our last venture into depravity, called: CEMETERY RHODES - where a girl with a very unordinary name finds herself buried alive in a wooden box, and the ensuing hope that she can escape from her new-found predicament. If you are claustrophobic, or have a generally uneasy stomach......then I implore you to read this last page-turner.

    Overall, this book is NOT for the little kids...I mean you could read it to them at bedtime......NO NO forget what I said. Seriously, Joe Knetter has once again proven that he has the seriously depraved mind, and creative brainpan to sustain in this genre for years to come. I have not yet been disappointed by a book he has written, and this one surely reinforces my opinion. If you want slow, plodding, stuck-in-a mudpit- kinds of books, feel free - but if it's the kind of book you would want to make your local parents' group get that "I need an antacid" look on their faces, then this is the one.
 Click on the pick to be taken to Joe's website or just head on over to, where you can order his previous books, or read samples from them if you like. In closing, on July 2nd, when you plan on reading this beauty, I'd recommend eating before you read this, because you won't want to eat afterwards !! Happy reading !!

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