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Friday, May 11, 2012

Area 407: Review

 Matt Boiselle

In the age of found-footage movies that seem to be surrounding us like a pack of wolves circling for the kill, all that can be asked is " please don't let me get motion sickness watching this" - as for this film....REQUEST DENIED.

AREA 407 - the newest film from IFC Midnight, drops us directly into a passenger plane ( with some extremely annoying passengers) making a short flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on New Years' Eve, when a sudden burst of violent turbulence takes the plane down ( and surprisingly enough, leaving ALL of the annoying ones left alive !). Our found-footage shakefest extravaganza begins with the video camera of our 13-year old main character ( who possesses a voice so shrill, that I had to keep checking to see if my glasses were cracking.)

The survivors are left near the plane wreckage with little hope of survival, and when all seems to be lost, it gets considerably worse. Someone or something is picking off the flight passengers one by one in very gory fashion. When it is finally revealed as to what is doing all the killing, your head will feel as if you've been trying to shake out cobwebs for a good 30 minutes. Also, I do know that a lot of people in horror movies have some level of stupidity as far as their survival choices go, but this particular group of people in this movie wouldn't seem fit to last 10 minutes out in the real world. Add to that some of the shakiest, out of focus, stomach turning  first-person camera work you have ever seen, and you will wish you had stocked up on the Dramamine for motion sickness.

The one redeeming piece of this film is the ending ( no, I'm not being sarcastic !) - there is a reason for why all the killings have been taking place, and the shock ending will appease some fans. In closing, if you are looking for some cheap thrills ( and camera work), take the leap into AREA 407 - Now in limited theatrical release and available on Video-On-Demand.

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