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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Zombie-Proof Your Home : An Illustrated Guide

Matt Boiselle

   There very well could be a valid argument made for the point that if you plan on surviving any type of apocalypse, let alone a zombie one, that one of the MOST essential staples in your (or your family's) gameplan is having a fully functional arsenal-infused stronghold at your disposal. (I mean you don't really think your going to live the rest of your life on the run, do you........well do you?)

   The first step in your zombie-Armageddon gameplan should be to head on over to
and download this infographic guide and stick this sucker to your fridge, bathroom wall or war room (wherever you get your best thinking done.) This little beauty will list all needs as far as the best land mines to install at the furthest distance from your home, right down to sticking some titanium choppers in your favorite dog's mouth so he can chow down on some of those unlucky undead that MAY happen to sneak past your several lines of defense. The guide also list numerous items that are have-to haves in your possession such as the most effective weaponry best suited for all types of long or close-range fighting, which medicines to stock up on, and how to rig your house with explosives should your fortress of solitude become overrun.

    This guide (while created to entertain rather than educate.....or is it ?) is quite the comprehensive tool to be used in the effective outfitting of one's home. So feel free to head on over to the website, or click on the pic to be transported there.....while I try to figure out how to install some titanium teeth in my Pug's mouth.

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