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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dead Things

Nick Teeters

This is the most intelligent Zombie book I have ever read. It took me into depths of terror that I had no idea existed. The thought process behind the structure of the book is astounding and it takes many angles and successfully draws you into the story; which will constantly keep you guessing. I found myself always trying to think of what could happen next... and in the end I was shocked to say the least.

For his first book, Matt Darst has taken a common tale of survival and twisted it into something that the mind can't wrap its ideals around. This is not a Zombie book like you have ever seen before; this is something new, this is something scary.

I loved this book! Right now you can find it on Amazon and it's also available on Kindle. Great buy, going to have to re-read it with a Dictionary next time.  Also check out his website, and stay tuned for an exclusive interview to be posted in the next few weeks!

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  1. The kindle edition is on sale for only $4, right now. I just downloaded it, thanks for the recommendation.


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