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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Asylum Blackout : Review

 Matt Boiselle

Do asylums give you the creeps ? How about the fear of being stuck in the dark ? If you can imagine the two of these phobic instances meshed together, then IFC Midnight's: Asylum Blackout is the film for you. The movie itself revolves around three aspiring band members ( George, Max & Ricky) who, while struggling to make it big in the rock business, are working in the kitchen of a high security asylum for the criminally insane. Their jobs are relatively safe - they prepare food for the inmates and serve it behind a thick glass wall.

You honestly didn't think things were going to go smoothly did you ? In the midst of a severe thunderstorm, power to the facility is severed, including all security systems, thus releasing all prisoners from their cells, and basically allowing all hell to break loose. The scenic views inside the prison rate fairly high on the creep factor, but the acting leaves quite a bit to be desired. There however is one standout: Richard Brake, who plays Harry, one of the asylum's scariest inhabitants - the man NEVER utters a word during the film, but gives off a 1000 yard stare that would make even the most hardcore tough-guy feel the back of his pants start to fill up. ( The horror aficionado will remember Mr. Brake as one of the paramedics that gets decapitated by Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween II)

All in all this is a fairly creepy movie, and should be enjoyed with the light preferably in the OFF position. Don't look for a deep storyline here, although you will find an ending that will leave you scratching your skull. The movie is in limited theatrical release as of May 4th, but is available on IFC Midnight Cable VOD, and selected digital outlets ( SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, XBOX Zune & Playstation Unlimited).

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